The Apnea Total Freediving Organization and Education System has grown and flourished around the world, with highly experienced Instructors establishing their own freediving centres offering Apnea Total courses from South America to the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. These Instructors have initially worked intensively at the Apnea Total headquarters in Koh Tao, certifying hundreds of students which has provided them with the knowledge and experience required to establish their own freediving centres. Students will receive the high standards of Apnea Total education and accreditation from the following centres.

Apnea Total Headquarters

Apnea Total in Koh Tao, Thailand is the primary headquarters for the freediving organisation and is the first and longest-established freediving school in South-East Asia. The freediving centre was originally founded by Monica Ganame and Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria in 2003 and since this time has developed and grown into a thriving freediving headquarters with a large team of experienced Instructors and multiple freediving courses running daily. To date over 6,000 students have successfully been certified as Apnea Total freedivers in Koh Tao.

Freediving, Freediving Courses

Apnea Koh Phangan – Located in Haad Yao on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, Apnea Koh Phangan offers experienced instruction of Apnea Total courses from beginner through to Instructor level.

Suntan Tour

Suntan Tour is a sea-loving team with a deep passion in free diving based on Surin Islands, Thailand. We are inspired by the Mokens, the islanders with long history living at sea. Our captain is a Moken with a life-long track record of sea navigation and freediving. Our freediving expert spends more time under the water than on land, and holds a professional instructor degree from Apnea Total – a global freediving institute that upholds the highest standard of freediving. Our tour experience designer, with a professional experience in fashion design, and part-time traveling influencer ensures the trip is curated in an exclusive and personal way. Together, Suntan Tour would like to share our passion to you, and opening up your world to freediving, where the wonders of the sea lies ahead for you to experience.

Blue Chitta Freediving & Yoga

Blue Chitta teaches Freediving & Yoga Courses since 2014. Their teachings focus on relaxation and cultivating a meditative state when underwater. They include yoga and meditation as tools to increase your aquatic capacities. Chitta, the co-founder, is also a professional underwater photographer, underwater model & the co-founder of  Yoga Shak Montreal.

LOCATIONS : Dahab || Bali || Thailand

Offerings : Freediving Courses | Online Yoga | Freediving & Yoga Retreats
Teaching in ENG + FR

Follow the Mermaids : IG : @Blue_Chitta ||

Freediving, Freediving Courses Bali, Indonesia

Apnea Bali – A reputable freediving centre in Bali, Indonesia offering Apnea Total courses from beginner to Instructor level. This very close location from the Apnea Total Headquarters in Koh Tao, Thailand, means that students can easily continue their freediving education and experiences as they travel throughout Southeast Asia.

Free diving, Freediving Courses Utila

Freedive Utila – This busy and successful freediving centre on the idyllic Caribbean island of Utila, Honduras offers Apnea Total courses from beginner to Instructor level. The centre has been established and recognised for many years and is operated by highly experienced Instructors who are teaching courses all year round.

Freediving, Freediving Courses Roatan, Caribbean

Roatan Freediving

Roatan FreedivingLocated in the Caribbean Sea, Roatán is surrounded by crystal clear waters that are calm and warm making this island one of the best venues for freediving in the world. Part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest reef system in the world, you can discover a great diversity of marine life and underwater walls that drop-off to hundreds of meters only a few swim strokes away from white sand beaches. Roatan freediving school & training center is also the organizer of the annual Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition and offers Apnea Total courses from beginner to Master level with optional accommodation.

Free diving, Freediving Courses Tioman, Malaysia

Freedive Tioman

Freedive Tioman – Freedive Tioman is located on the island of Pulau Tioman, Malaysia right on the beach at Swiss Cottage resort. The school offers professional instruction in Apnea Total beginner, advanced and master freediving courses on their beautiful house-reef.

AQUAERIUS Freediving – AQUAERIUS Freediving is the only freediving school in Puerto Morelos and nearby Cancún as well as the first German-speaking freediving school in Mexico. We are situated right at the entrance gate to the Route of the Cenotes (ruta de los cenotes). In these unique and magical freshwater sinkholes, with perfect conditions all year round, we offer you Beginner & Advanced Freediving Courses, Freediving Coaching / Training Lessons as well as single & multiple day Freediving Tours and Snorkeling Tours, either in English or German.

Freediving, Freediving Courses Tulum, Mexico

Freedive Tulum – Tulum is the gateway from Mexico to your Central and South American adventures. What better way to obtain your freediving qualifications than in the spectacular fresh water caves of the Yucatan peninsula. These cenotes have no current and water of mind blowing clarity. Highly experienced instructors with many years of teaching will take you from beginner to beyond while you explore the natural beauty of the Mayan underworld.

Freediving Coron – Located in the “wreck-diving” capital of the Philippines, Freediving Coron offers freediving courses from beginner to Instructor level. The school also offers training sessions at amazing dive sites with a choice of lakes and 10 Japanese underwater wrecks.

Freedive Utopia

Freedive Utopia offers exploration trips, training sessions and certification courses in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, the cenotes alongside the Caribbean reef make this stretch of white sand beaches and low jungle a freediving Utopia: With deep sinkholes in the bedrock, slow river courses among the mangroves and the turquoise warm waters of the Caribbean, the tranquil beauty and translucence of these environments help us tap into the inner peace and relaxation we need to explore the underwater world. 

Free diving, Freediving Courses Boracay, Philippines

Freedive Boracay – Highly experienced instruction of Apnea Total courses located on famous White Beach of beautiful Boracay island in the Philippines. This is the islands first and only freediving centre offering courses from beginner to Master level.

Freediving, Freediving Courses Malta

Apnea Total Malta

www.apneatotalmalta.comLocated in Malta, a privileged island that lies virtually in the center of the Mediterranean Sea (half way between Africa, Asia and Europe) with its crystal clear waters, incredible wrecks (ships and airplanes!), hidden caves, spectacular drop offs and amazing marine life; this is the freediving destination not to miss in Europe. Apnea Total Malta is run by highly experienced and dedicated instructors. The centre offers beginner to instructor courses as well as training and coaching sessions and freediving expeditions to the best hideouts on the island.

Freedive Mallorca

We are proud to bring you Freedive Mallorca, a school built on the love of Freediving and the ocean. Come experience with us your body’s potential and unlock the door to a whole new underwater world.


Freedive Israel

Freedive Israel is located on the beautiful bay of the red sea. In the syrian african crack, bordering with Sinai Egypt and Aqaba Jordan. The red sea is famous for clear water, comfortable conditions all year round, rich marine life and  amazing coral diversity.  We offer courses from beginner to Instructor  level, training and coaching sessions in amazing dive sites between the red mountains and desert atmosphere.

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