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Monica, Instructor Trainer & Co-Founder

Monica, Instructor Trainer
& Co-Founder

Monica, originally from Argentina has always been enamored by the sea.
She started in the sport of freediving in her home-town of Mar del Plata. Then, seeking more ocean adventures, she moved to the Caribbean for several years before arriving in Koh Tao, Thailand in 1999.
Monica specialized in underwater videography and scuba diving before dedicating her career to the sport of freediving by co-founding Apnea Total in 2004. Monica now continues to develop the sport and education of freediving through Apnea Total while also enjoying the ocean on her travels around the world.

Eusebio, Course Director & co-founder

Eusebio, Course Director
& co-founder

Eusebio, originally from Bilbao in northern Spain, has been involved in freediving for over a decade and is a leader in freediving education worldwide. In 2004 Eusebio co-founded Apnea Total, one of the world’s largest freediving education systems.
Since this time, Eusebio has educated and trained thousands of freedivers from beginner level to professional as well as world champion spearfishermen.
Eusebio’s personal performances include being a former National Record Holder for Spain in the three depth categories.
He currently freedives to 100 meters in depth in the self-powered disciplines, a triple-figure barrier that very few in the world have achieved. When not teaching, Eusebio travels the world with his camera and shares his freediving adventures and photography through his personal project of ‘One ocean One breath’.

Aven, Course Director

Aven grew up in Missoula, Montana, in the northern part of the USA, surrounded by snowy mountains and far from any ocean.
Without realizing it, he had his first freediving experience when he was only 12 months old and fell off the end of a pier into a lake and sank like a rock. To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t mind the experience at all! He progressed from little-kid swimming lessons to grown-up freediving trips around the world.
All along he has known his true passion- freediving! Since 2013 he has been part of the Apnea Total family and has had the opportunity to share his passion with over a thousand students, from complete beginners to the instructor trainer level. Since that first time of 15 seconds underwater when he fell into a lake, to now over 7 minute breath holds and 90 meter dives, Aven has loved every second spent holding his breath in the water.

Nikki , Instructor Trainer

Nikki ( & Riley )
Nikki from Ireland is a former national record holder in CWT, FIM, and CNF disciplines. Since 2013, she has taught and coached freedivers in many places globally , and has provided safety in competition. As well as being an Apnea Total Instructor Trainer, she is a Scuba Dive Master, Ocean Resilience Coach, Freediving liveaboard co-ordinator and Riley’s Mum. When not teaching you will always find her close to the sea , paddle-boarding or sailing.With over 2500 nautical miles of adventures,she is happy to share her love of the Ocean and passion for Freediving with you.

Kevin, Instructor

Kevin, a Thai national from Bangkok, an international flight attendant who fell from the sky but, fortunately, was reborn underwater When Covid-19 hit the globe, countries’ borders were shut, the aircraft were grounded, airline staff was stood down, Then it was the time Kevin discovered his true passion and potential to thrive under the water Kevin strongly believes in Apnea Total’s philosophy that ‘Freediving is for everyone since he couldn’t do it well at the beginning, but with practice and a never-give-up mindset, he has proven it by achieving the STATIC time 10 seconds more than the official Thai record and he has now become an enthusiastic instructor who is willing and eager to share his passion with you all You might see him on an aircraft, on an island, underwater, anywhere that has good food, but the gym!

Chiqui, Apnea Total Deckhand

AKA “The Boss”

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