Freediving Boat

In some areas of the world it is possible to access dive sites and depth by swimming from the shoreline, however in Koh Tao freediving from a well-equipped boat is essential for safety and comfort. At Apnea Total, the team has all the required experience and knowledge of freediving from a boat, the local sea conditions, currents and dive sites around Koh Tao.

Unique features of the Apnea Total boat include:

  • Specifically designed boat for freediving
  • All essential freedive equipment including weights, weight belts, freedive buoys and dive-ropes
  • A lower shaded deck and an upper sundeck for rest, freedive preparation and equipment storage
  • Toilet facilities
  • GPS Depth Finder – Essential technology to ensure we find the best and correct depths for freediving
  • A personal captain on board at all times
  • A small speedboat to transfer freedivers and equipment from the shoreline to the large Apnea Total boat

Your safety, comfort and enjoyment is our priority aboard the Apnea Total boat.

For more photos – Apnea Total Freediving Boat

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