When you are choosing which freediving organization suits you best for your freediving course, it is important to know there are differences in the educational philosophies of the various systems.

Most organizations use a system built on specific performance requirements that students must pass in order to feel they are “real freedivers”. The requirements include reaching specific depths, performing particular techniques, and passing a written examination. The idea behind having all these requirements is that a student taught with standard based system can be easily evaluated and certified by the instructor, based on physical performances and a written test during the course.

Apnea Total believes that freediving is a highly personal sport. Therefore, the “one size fits all” approach creates limitations to students who may have better progression, experiences and overall performances using a more personalized teaching philosophy. When students know they must pass some tests to feel they have succeeded in becoming a freediver, they are in a pressured environment. These tests become the focus, rather than the pure enjoyment and relaxation of freediving. Paradoxically, having a relaxing environment and freediving just to enjoy the experience is the real key to gaining your maximum potential in a freediving course!

So, what’s unique about the Apnea Total Freediving Education System?
This system is built on the belief that freediving is an individual sport with personal goals, and that anyone can be a freediver. Freediving isn’t exclusive to “gifted” people, it is for everyone interested in learning about themselves, their minds, and the aquatic environment. Whether you dive down 10 meters or 110 meters, if you feel like a freediver, you are a freediver!

What thousands of Apnea Total students have experienced first hand is that when there is no pressure about reaching a certain depth or passing a written exam, the results are unparalleled. Students of Apnea Total Freediving Education System achieve astounding abilities to hold their breath and dive deeper. Apnea Total students can simply focus on themselves and their personal goals. Whether those goals are to have more intimate experiences with aquatic life, learn more about the connection of mind and body through freediving or even to become a world champion freediver, the path has been laid through the Apnea Total Education System.

With Apnea Total a relaxed environment is created, yet the classroom preparation is rigorous and safety in the water is assured. Our instructors will follow you all the way down and back up again. That’s right- even to 35 meters in our Advanced Course! The Apnea Total Education System believes in having rigorous requirements for our instructors, not our students. We do this to make you feel as comfortable and safe in the water as possible.

Can I dive deeper with Apnea Total Freediving Education System?
Apnea Total Freediving Education System gives our students the opportunity to safely progress to greater depths than they could imagine. When the students are relaxed and focused on the beauty of the experience, they are more comfortable diving deeper. In the Freediver Course the maximum depth is 20 meters, which means you have the chance to dive to 20 meters but it is not a requirement. In the Advanced Freediver Course the maximum depth is 35 meters. In the Master Freediver Course there is no depth limitation, as our highly trained Master Instructors with years of experience can safely help our students reach depths over 40 meters. Diving with a school that provides Apnea Total Education means that you can enjoy the world of freediving without any pressure.

Where is Apnea Total Freediving Education taught?
The Apnea Total Freediving Education System is taught all around the world at the very best freediving locations. Go to www.apneatotal.com/worldwide/ to check out where, or simply click here.