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Freediving Fundamentals

3,500 THB

The Freediving Fundamentals program is designed for those with little or no experience in a water environment. We love working with beginners!
In this program you will learn all the fundamental skills and information to be best prepared for the beginning of you Freediving journey. We will help you to learn more about your body, breathing and relaxation in the water.
This is one day program, with one hour of theory and two hours of practice in the swimming pool. We will work with you according to your skills and comfort, like with do in every course.
You can also have the coolest professional photos, with Oceans Below, for an additional 1000 THB

Intro Freediver

3,500 THB

This program is an introduction to the sport. It covers all the topics of the first day of the Freediver Course.

1:30 hour theory
2 hours in the water



Training session

1,100 THB

If you are already a certified freediver, can perform safety dives (very comfortable), and don’t need or want to have tuition a training session is for you. We provide transport to the site, line and any equipment you need and a buddy as well!

We meet at the school at 10:30.

If you plan to stay a few days with us we offer a package of 5 training sessions for 4,500 Baht

2 hours in the water



Coaching session

1,800 THB

If you want to refresh or improve your skill nothing better than a professional guiding you thru out the session. We meet at 10:00 for a chat with the instructor, stretching and breathing before going in the water.

2 hours in the water



Monofin clinic

3,500 THB

Drills in the water and on land to improve your CW monofin dives. The theory at 09:00 and water session right after the class.

1:30 hour classroom
2 hours in the water



CNF clinic

3,500 THB

Want to learn or improve on the purest form of freediving? Try our No Fins specialty clinic.

1-hour classroom
2 hours in the water



Pranayama practice

1,000 THB

Breathing exercises that will help you to maximize oxygen-carrying capacity and delivery. The practice will help you to improve your health and sports performance.

1:15 hour class



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