40,000 Baht

The Apnea Total Instructor Course is designed for those who are interested to teach freediving and to spread the sport of freediving around the world with a safe and fun methodology.

The Instructor Course consists of intensive personal workshops to develop your freedive knowledge, teaching skills and personal training techniques; as well as workshop sessions in the water and practical sessions teaching students. The Instructor Course lasts for a period of 4 weeks. Previous requirements are to complete the Apnea Total Master Freediver Course and to have assisted Apnea Total Instructors while teaching students for both the Freediver and Advanced courses. Following the completion of the 2 week theoretical part of the Instructor Course, it is required to teach at least two Freediver Courses and two Advanced Courses at the Apnea Total Freediving Centre in Koh Tao.

Our aim at Apnea Total is to produce highly experienced Instructors who have all the required teaching skills and freedive knowledge to be successful in their Instructor career. The Apnea Total team will provide you with both knowledge and experience, as well if we need instructors, the possibility of employment at the Apnea Total Freedive Centre in Koh Tao, other Apnea Total schools around the world or even to establish your own freediving centre with the support of Apnea Total Headquarters.

Apnea Total is running Instructor Courses throughout the year, please check our calendar below for upcoming courses:

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