5 Tips to Increase Your Breath Hold Time

5 Tips to Increase Your Breath Hold Time

Want to increase your breath-hold time in just a few short minutes? These tips can make a big difference in the comfort and length of your breath holds!

IMPORTANT: Freediving is potentially dangerous if practiced alone. The number one rule for freediving is to always, always dive with a buddy who is trained on safety and rescue techniques for freediving and always gain your freediving experience under the guidance of a trained professional.

These tips are only meant for practicing your breath-hold OUTSIDE of the water in a safe environment such as laying down on a bed or yoga mat.

1) The breathing before the breath-hold is key!
Decreasing the heart rate with a relaxing breathing technique can add a surprising amount of time to your breath-hold.

Try and really concentrate on your breathing without letting the mind wander for a couple of minutes before starting to hold your breath.

2) Thinking of the time is your enemy!
This may seem strange but probably the most important tip is to focus on something other than how long you have been holding your breath for.

Thinking about the time or watching a clock are always no-no’s when it comes to trying to increase your breath-hold time.

3) Minimize oxygen consumption!
Focus on relaxing your body and try and remain perfectly still. Every time we move our bodies, we use a little more oxygen.

Minimizing unnecessary movements will not only save us extra oxygen but it will also aid in our overall relaxation!

4) Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation!
Increasing your breath-hold time is always about keeping a calm and relaxed mind as much as possible. Focusing on thoughts that will let your mind relax is essential.

Try getting yourself into a state of mind where you are focusing on positive and relaxing thoughts.

5) Willpower!
A little bit of willpower (when combined with total relaxation) can go a long way. Don’t give up when you feel the 1st sensations of the urge to breathe. Try and give yourself some encouraging thoughts to push yourself just a little bit farther!

Good luck with improving your breath holds using these tips!

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