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Master Freediver

Master Freediver Course

Price: 35,000 Baht

The Master Freediver Course is a 4-week (20 water sessions and 4 workshop- dry training) personalized, intensive training program that will take your freediving skills to a superior level! The course is also available for shorter periods in special situations. Any freediver who has attained the level of Apnea Total Advanced Freediver (or equivalent from another organization) can enroll in this course.

The program consists of:

  • Training is tailored to the individual according to personal progression and needs.
  • Daily training routines include stretching, breathing, and lung-capacity increasing exercises, equalization workouts, and CO2 tolerance training. The routines are upgraded every 10 days depending on personal progression.
  • Water training sessions specifically designed for the Master Freedivers to achieve safe and comfortable depth progression 
  • Workshops include deep equalization techniques (mouthfill), yoga and ultimate diaphragmatic stretches, effective diet for deep freediving, training tables, pure O2 apneas, monofin, no fins, and advanced safety and rescue procedures.
  • Assisting Instructors with classroom and water sessions for the Freediver and Advanced Freediver courses
  • Diving 35 meters or beyond with our master trainers by your side the whole way
  • Optional Course: Emergency Oxygen  First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries, Neurological Assessment, Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid, Diving Emergency Management Provider.

Apnea Total provides all equipment necessary for this course, however, Master Freedivers are encouraged to have their own personal freediving equipment. The minimum recommendation is to own a mask, snorkel, and rubber weight belt.

There is also the option of completing just half a Master Course over 2 weeks (10 water sessions and 2 workshops) Price: 18,000 Baht. Contact us to start with the Master Life!!!! Important to book in advance.

Apnea Total Advanced Freediver certification, or equivalent certification level from another freediving organisation.

When you enroll in the Master Course, your instructor will meet with you on your first day to give you a formal introduction and explain in detail the full course schedule. Wear your swim suit and have an empty stomach.

You can book the course by making a deposit of 1000 THB via PayPal : or click PayPal.Me/ApneaTotalKohTao.

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