Make Your Passion a Career

Freediving Instructor

Instructor Course

Price: 45,000 Baht

The Apnea Total Instructor Course (ATIC) is designed for experienced freedivers who would like to turn their passion into a career and spread the Apnea Total methodology around the world. This course is by far the most challenging but also the most rewarding course offered in the Apnea Total Education System. 

The Instructor Course lasts for a period of about 4 weeks and consists of intensive theory and water sessions designed to develop your freediving knowledge and teaching skills, which includes the opportunity to take part in an internship where you will be teaching real students. 

To enroll in the ATIC, candidates must be certified Master Freedivers and meet the following requirements:

  • Professional attitude and excellent role modeling skills
  • Having assisted Apnea Total Instructors while teaching both the Freediver and Advanced Freediver courses


Physical requirements including:

  • Dive to at least 35 meters in the CWT discipline for Instructor level 1, and 40 meters in CWT for Instructor level 2
  • Repetitive CWT dives with short surface intervals (stamina exercises)
  • Static Apnea time of at least 4:30  

To gain certification as an Apnea Total Instructor you will also be required to teach at least two Freediver Courses and one Advanced Course under the supervision of an Apnea Total Instructor Trainer. 

After becoming a certified instructor, there is a possibility of working for Apnea Total Headquarters in Koh Tao or other Apnea Total schools around the world. If your dream is to establish your own freediving center, Apnea Total Headquarters will provide you with the resources to get you started.

Our aim at Apnea Total is to produce the best instructors in the world who have all the teaching skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in their instructor career.

The ATIC would be conducted with a minimum of 2 candidate.

Apnea Total Freediving Instructor


Master Instructor

Price: 25,000 Baht

The Master Instructor Course is available to experienced Apnea Total Instructors who would like to teach the level of Master Freediver. Master Instructor candidates will shadow an established Master Instructor throughout the period of a Master Course. This process is an internship which typically takes at least 4 weeks.


  • Apnea Total instructor for a minimum of 2 years
  • Having been actively teaching the previous year of applying for the Master Instructor Course
  • Having certified at least 100 Freediver and 75 Advanced Freediver students
  • Ability to dive at least 45 meters CWT and 30 meters CNF


At the end of your course, your Instructor Trainer will determine if you are ready to teach Master students. The time required until the candidate is competent and confident enough to start teaching may vary.

The Master Instructor Course would be conducted with a minimum of 2 candidate.

Contact Apnea Total Headquarters for details and availabili
intro to freediving

Instructor Trainer

Price: 25,000 Baht.

The Instructor Trainer Course is the pinnacle of a freediving career.

Instructor Trainers are carefully selected to form new instructors who will fulfill the high standards required by the Apnea Total Education System. To apply for this course, it is necessary to be a Master Instructor and have certified a minimum of 300 students as an Apnea Total Instructor. This course is taught within the Apnea Total Headquarters in Koh Tao or online.

 The ATIC would be conducted with a minimum of 2 candidate.

For course dates, please contact the Apnea Total Headquarters directly.