The Team

All Apnea Total Freediving Instructors are highly experienced and teach to the high level of Apnea Total standards. At the moment you will meet the following team members working at the Apnea Total Headquarters in Koh Tao.

Free diving, Freediving Courses, Koh Tao, Thailand

Monica Ganame

Co-founder of Apnea Total Education System

Apnea Total Instructor Trainer

Monica originally from Argentina has always been involved with the ocean. She started in the sport of freediving in her home-town of Mar del Plata and then seeking more oceanic adventures she moved to the Caribbean for several years before arriving in Koh Tao, Thailand in 1999. Monica originally specialised in underwater videography and scuba diving before dedicating her career to the sport of freediving by co-founding Apnea Total in 2004. Monica now continues to develop the sport and education of freediving through Apnea Total while also enjoying the ocean during her travels around the world.

Free diving, Freediving Courses, Koh Tao, Thailand - Team

Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria

Co-founder of Apnea Total Education System

Apnea Total Course Director

Eusebio, originally from Bilbao in northern Spain, has been involved in freediving for over a decade and is a leader in freediving education worldwide. In 2004 Eusebio co-founded Apnea Total, one of the world’s largest freediving education systems. Since this time, Eusebio has educated and trained thousands of freedivers from beginner level through to the professional as well as world champion spearfishermen. Eusebio’s personal performances include being a former National Record holder for Spain in the three depth categories. He currently freedives to 100 metres in depth in the self-powered disciplines, a triple-figure barrier that very few men in the world have surpassed. When not teaching, Eusebio travels the world with his camera and shares his freediving adventures and photography through his personal project of ‘One ocean One breath‘.

Camila Zamora

Apnea Total Host

Cami arrived directly to Koh Tao from South America as part of her new lifestyle plan, but what she didn’t know was that she will easily become part of the big Apnea Total family. Chilean, lawyer and a yoga teacher, Cami never imagined she will also add Freediving to her skills list, which she is learning now. You will see her with her welcoming smile every time you come into AT Headquarters answering all your questions and talking to you into try and experience this amazing and fulfilling technique and maybe sooner than later also teaching it.  You can also see her flying on the trapeze almost every afternoon and sharing her passion for yoga. Don’t hesitate asking her where to go or what to do, or why not about some yogic breathing technics to improve your dives, she will always be more than pleased to help you out.

Will Jones

Will grew up in a corner of West Wales, where he spent a lot of his time in/on the water, kayaking, surfing, windsurfing or water skiing. When he did set foot on land he spent the rest of his time on two wheels, firstly bicycles and then moving onto motorcycles.

Ex Royal Marine Commando turned professional tree surgeon Will can give most monkeys a run for their money with his climbing skills. After a stint of tree work in Australia, and some time back in Wales, Will decided to take the plunge! He headed to Koh Tao to learn freediving. He fell in love with the sport and with the people at Apnea Total and is now the proud captain of the beautiful dive boat- La Puma.

Aven Comstock

Apnea Total Course Director

Aven grew up in Missoula, Montana, in the northern part of the USA, surrounded by cold rivers, snowy mountains and far from any ocean. Nevertheless, it didn’t keep him from developing skills that later would turn him into a big fan of the sea. Without realizing it, he had his first freediving experience when he was only 12 months old and fell off the end of a pier into a lake and sank like a rock. To everyone’s surprise he didn’t mind the experience at all! From then on, first with little-kid swimming lessons where the deep end of the pool was his favourite place, to SCUBA diving in icy lakes in Montana and finally freediving for fun on trips to the Caribbean Sea, he has no doubt about what is his true passion is: freediving. Since 2012 he has been part of the Apnea Total family and has had the opportunity to share his passion with hundreds of students from complete beginners to instructor level. Aven is in charge of the Master courses, Instructor candidates and Instructor Trainer courses. His skillful teaching makes the learning process very clear and fun!!  Aven loves meditation and his practices often come in handy as he shares underwater breath-holding experiences with his students. From that first time of 15 seconds underwater when he fell into a lake, to now over 7 minute breath holds and 90 meter dives. Aven has loved every second spent holding his breath in the water.

Khanut Kaenwiangrat

Apnea Total Instructor

Khanut is from Thailand, and though he lived most of his life in Bangkok he never set foot on Koh Tao until 2016. He had been a professional swimmer and after many years of training, was no longer interested in the competitive aspect of the sport or any other water sports. That’s why on his early twenties he changed his passion from water to music and cycling, he also finished a degree in Communication Arts and moved to London to continue studying. Not happy with that, he became a DJ and he even worked as a creative producer on a Cycling TV Show, always seeking for “something else”. By the time he returned to Bangkok he felt something was missing from his life and he decided to make a new change and moved to Koh Tao. Today he feels this was the best decision he ever made! When he became involved in Apnea Total Koh Tao, he fell in love with the ocean once again, but this time from a new perspective. He picked up quickly on the breath-holding technics, and is now one of our great instructors – always with a big, welcoming smile on his face. Khanut is also a talented DJ on the island, and loves to share his beats almost as much as he loves to share his passion for freediving. And that Communication Arts degree is being used, as he teaches in both Thai and English.

Free diving, Freediving Courses, Koh Tao, Thailand

Christina Saenz de Santamaria

Apnea Total Trainer

Christina originally from Sydney, Australia discovered the sport of freediving in 2005 after completing her first freediving courses at Apnea Total. Since then, Christina has broken and established new freediving records around the world and now coaches at Apnea Total. She is an 8-time National Record Holder and currently holds the Australian National Records in two depth disciplines of Constant Weight and Free Immersion to 80 metres. Christina currently freedives to 85 metres in the self-powered disciplines and has achieved a Variable Weight dive of 105 metres ranking her among the top deepest women in the world. When not coaching at Apnea Total, Christina freedives the world and photographs the ocean through her personal project of ‘One ocean One breath’.

Free diving, Freediving Courses, Koh Tao, Thailand - Team

Arturo Hernández

Apnea Total Instructor Trainer Malta

Arturo, from Spain, has been in contact with the ocean all his life, in fact he can’t stay away from it for long periods of time. He grew up in a small village on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and has been practicing water sports since his childhood. He discovered the freediving world when he was only a teenager starting with spearfishing. After spending some years traveling around Asia, practicing spearfishing and freediving around the continent, he arrived to Koh Tao and discovered Apnea Total. Since then he has always have been progressing and becoming more involved with his passion and became an Apnea Total Instructor teaching in English, Spanish and Catalan. He opened his own school in Malta, where is living with his girlfriend.

Free diving, Freediving Courses, Koh Tao, Thailand - Team

Silvia Ortega

Apnea Total Instructor Trainer Nieu, South Pacific Is.

Silvia, originally from Spain, has been following the sea through her travels around the world for the last decade. Upon arriving to Koh Tao she began teaching as a scuba diving Instructor before experiencing the Freediver Course at Apnea Total which was the beginning of a new career path in the underwater world. Silvia continued at Apnea Total to become an Instructor Trainer. This highly-experienced and skilled Instructor loves sharing the world of freediving with everyone. She is teaching freediving at Buccaneer Adventures Nieu Dive. Nieu is a South Pacific island visited by the majestic humpback whales.

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