Master Freediver

25,000 Baht

The Master Freediver Course is a 4 week intensive training programme that will take your freediving skills to a superior level. For those who do not have enough time, the course is also available for shorter periods. Any freediver who has attained the level of Apnea Total Advanced Freediver can enroll immediately onto the Master Freediver Course.

The detailed program consists of:

  • Daily training routines which include stretching, breathing exercises, lung-capacity increasing exercises, thoracic flexibility, equalisation work-out, CO2 tolerance
  • Water training sessions specifically designed for the Master Freedivers
  • Workshops including deep equalisation techniques, maximum pressure dives, ultimate diaphragmatic stretches, effective diet for deep freediving
  • Tailored training to the individual according to progress and results
  • Assisting Instructors on the Freediver and Advanced Freediver courses for classroom and water sessions
  • Maximum Depth of 50 metres

Apnea Total provides all equipment necessary for this course, however Master Freedivers are encouraged to have their own personal freediving equipment. The minimum recommendation is to own a mask, snorkel and rubber weight belt.

Prerequisites: Apnea Total Advanced Freediver certification, or equivalent certification level from another freediving organisation.

There are no specific dates for the Master Freediver course and it can be started at anytime.

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