Discover Your True Aquatic Potential

Advanced Freediver

Advanced Freediver Course

Price: 9,000 Baht

In the Advanced Freediver Course, you will discover your true aquatic potential and increase your breath-hold abilities and performance beyond your imagination!

Students will be surprised to achieve depths of over 30 meters and static apnea times of 3+ minutes on one breath alone. Advanced breathing techniques together with our specific preparation for deep dives will make this possible, even if you have just started this sport.

This 3-day course is divided into 3 classroom sessions, 1 pool session, and 2 deep water sessions. You will start with an introduction to the discipline of Static Apnea, where you will discover that your body can suspend respiration for several minutes without feeling the urge to breathe. Then in the following days during our deep diving water sessions, you will enjoy achieving new depths with knowledge, control, and comfort. Highly experienced Apnea Total instructors will be by your side at all times and will guide you with precise instructions on breathing and relaxation techniques necessary to achieve your true potential.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certification as well as private online access to the course materials so you can maintain your freediving knowledg

Apnea Total Freediver certification, or equivalent certification level from another freediving organisation.

Keep hydrated! Bring water or a bottle to refill as we try to avoid plastic as much as possible. Sunscreen! (We have it in case you forget.) Wear a swimsuit.

Try to avoid alcohol the night before and coffee in the morning. Have a light, easy to digest breakfast.

You can book the course by making a deposit of 1000 THB via PayPal : or click PayPal.Me/ApneaTotalKohTao.



Static Apnea

Classroom – Static Apnea 09:00 to 11:00

  • Mammalian dive reflex
  • Preparation for static apnea
  • Specific breathing technique for static apnea
  • pool and dry training
  • Dry breath-hold exercises
  • Relaxation, mind and body control techniques

Water Session – Static Apnea 11:00 to 13:30

  • Body position and relaxation
  • Preparation for a maximum breath-hold
  • Maximum static apnea attempts
  • Safety procedures and practice
  • Training routine for increasing breath-hold capabilities
  • Debrief

Exhale Dives

Classroom  08:30 to 10:30

  • Advanced 4-section breathing technique
  • Pre-dive breathing pattern
  • Benefits and techniques of ‘Exhale Dives’
  • Body adaptation to greater pressure
  • New warm up exercises

Water Session 10:45 to 13:30

  • ‘Negative Pressure Static Apnea’ (N.P.S.A.)
  • Specific breathing for exhale diving
  • Exhale dives with a maximum depth of 25 meters
  • Practice of equalization technique
  • Body relaxation and energy efficiency under water
  • Full lung dives with a maximum depth of 30 meters

Deep Freediving

Classroom 08:30 to 10:30

  • Review of exhale dives from day 2
  • Stages and preparation for a deep dive
  • Visualization techniques
  • Deep equalization techniques
  • Advanced safety and rescue procedures
  • Thoracic stretches

Water Session 10:30 to 13:30

  • Breathing exercises on the boat
  • Deep dive warm ups
  • Exhale dives to a maximum depth of 25 meters
  • Full lung dives to a maximum depth of 35 meters
  • Safety and rescue practice
  • Debrief

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